Why Do Dogs Run Away? You Need To Know This If You’re A Dog Owner!


Sometimes we hear the story of runaway dogs and we wonder why do they run away from their homes? Weren’t they happy? Is there some other reason? And we wonder it can also happen to us someday!

It is so regretting if one mistake of us make our beloved pet run away from the house. We definitely love them a lot. But our ignorance may lead to much pain to our pet dogs. So we need to know what makes dogs run away. We don’t want them to end up lost, in a dog shelter or fall into an accident! So, do you want to know the reasons why dogs run away from home? Have a quick look on the list below… this will surely enlighten you…


Yes, you can be surprised to know dogs can be lonely to much greater extent. You can think you are giving time to them, but is it enough? You need to know the nature of your dog to the fullest. If given a choice between loneliness and freedom, freedom will always win. So it’s absolutely vital to spend as much time as you can with your beloved pets unless you want them to run away!


Obsession for Running:

You see your dog jumping and running with you. Every dog does that. But all dogs are not running breed. Some dog breeds are really good runners with their energetic physique and happy-go-lucky temperament! They can run out of the house if they suddenly have the urge to run great distances! So, know your dog, and ensure enough time and space for them to freely run about.


This is the reason why it’s so important to neuter or spay your dog! Intact dogs, especially male ones, will stop at nothing to get to their mate! They are able to pick up heat from miles way! There’s no other way to stop these urges besides neutering your dog.

Love to Discover the World:

Ohh you only don’t love nature, your dog loves it too. They can run behind a flying butterfly or a squirrel jumping in the lawn. So be careful people, while your lovely restless dog is outside the house.

Lack of Training:

The dog may not have the proper understanding when to leave the house and where to go. So you must be little patient to let him know “My dear, you may leave the house only when you know the address to return!”

Ohh much information piled up may be! But do not take it as a stress. Your pet dog loves you a lot. But the innocent one has its own way of its naughtiness. Just give him some time and your love… and see rather he will guide you home every day! So cheers!

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